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QueueMemo is simple memo software. QueueMemo is a memo to put on the specific application. When application becomes active, the memo attached for the application appears.
A memo can customize a background color and transparency. Those setup values can be registered as a default value.

New Version
ver 1.2

- The input, editing mode was removed.It can be entered as it is.
- The kind (text, HTML) of the memo was remove.

It can't be made at the time as the upper window. It can be made at the time as the window of the bottom.

It clicks on "Q" of the menu bar, and choose "New Memo".

Drag the part surrounded by red when you move a memo.

Delete memo
It CTRL+clicks on the memo, and choose "QueueMEmo Delete".

The item of the screen of the bottom can be set up in every memo.

Do check "Enable access for assistive devices" in Universal Access of System Preference Panel.

It can't be made if there is no active window when a memo is made.

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