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MailUnreadStatusBar 0.6(0.6.6)


MailUnreadStatusBar is the software which shows the excuse, number, list of the un-read mail of Mail.app.

- When there is un-read, the total of the number of un-ad is shown at the side of the icon.
- When it clicks on the icon, the number of un-read of mailbox names with un-ad and those mailboxes is shown.
- The mailbox which checks un-read can be chosen.
- The list of the (except for the smart mailbox), un-read mail can be referred to.
- When there is un-read, a notice window can be shown. And, only un-read which met conditions in un-read can be shown.
A condition specifies the string included in From and Subject.
- It is possible that an icon is registered.
- Un-read mail on the mail server can be checked by choosing account. (POP3 , IMAP4 & No SSL)
(The management of SSL may work normally though it is in.)

It may be shown with Mail.app when there is un-read in MailUnreadStatusBar though there is no un-read. Carry out "Rebuild" with Mail.app at this time to the applicable mailbox. This is the old bug of Mail.app, or it is the problem when how to manage mail changes, or it is what I don't know it. It is because it may not correspond to the information during the mail file and the actual information. This is thought to be all right if it is done once.

System Requirement
Mac OS X (10.4 or later) ppc and intel

- Copy MailUnreadStatusBar application to the '/Application' folder.
note: Start after you delete the following file when you have a version before 0.6.0 used.

Update users
Set it up again after deleting the next file.

How to use
- When it starts, an icon is shown in the menu bar.

Menu bar:
- It is checked as soon as possible when "Check Now" is chosen though it is checked in the time interval which was usually set up.
- Choose it from this menu in that case because it can't be customized any more when a tool bar is customized and a "customization" button is removed.

Select Mailbox:
- "Select MailBox" of the tool bar is chosen.
- Check the mailbox which wants to know the existence of un-read because a mailbox list is shown.
- The method chosen when there is a mailbox in the mailbox was prepared two kinds. It becomes the condition that all the mailboxes of the low rank included when an upper mailbox is checked when "Check include sub Mailbox" is being checked are checked. Only the mailbox checked when it wasn't being checked becomes a check.
- "Refresh Mailbox" reads the Preference of Mail.app again, and sets up a mailbox again.

- "Setting" of the tool bar is chosen.
- "Check Target" doesn't work in the present version.
- Enter that interval though un-read is checked in every fixed time. A unit is "a minute". Default value is a five minutes.
- "Growl" is checked when un-read notice is done to Growl.
- "Unread Notification" is checked when a notice window is shown when there is un-read.
- "Stop Screen Saver" is checked when a screen saver is stopped when there is un-read.-
Choose an icon + number of un-read or only the number of un-read or only the icon.
- Choose an icon to show in the menu bar from the list.
- It drops a file to register in the icon list to register the icon made by oneself. The icon next of the left un-read time becomes an icon without un-read first.
- An icon to delete to delete it is chosen, and it clicks on the deletion button. Five of the beginning can't be deleted.
- "Play Sound" is checked, and sound is chosen when it wants to reproduce sound when there is un-read.

Unread List:
- "Unread List" of the tool bar is chosen.
- When un-read mail is chosen in the list, the contents of the mail are shown in the bottom.But, it is only a text type.
- charset's being supported are ISO-2022-JP, ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-2.
- Transfer-encoding being supported are quoted-printable and base64.
- charset except for the support becomes ASCII.

Choose Account:
- "Customize" of the tool bar is chosen, and it drops at the tool bar "Server".
- "Server" of the tool bar is chosen.
- The valid account list registered in Mail.app is shown.
- The account which does a un-read check is checked.
- The protocol being supported is POP3 , IMAP4. (POP3:APOP is included IMAP4:PLAIN CRAM-MD5 is included)
Note: The possibility that a problem occurs in the test is high though a un-read check is done when the account of IMAP4 is checked.
Even more than one client works normally when "recent:" is put before the user name of the account though I am tested with Gmail (POP3).

Notification Filter:
- "Add" A condition is added when it clicks on the button.
- "Target" chooses "From" or "Subject".
- A string is entered to "Value", and shown in the notice window when a string is included in the item specified with "Target".
- All the un-read mail is shown without a condition when all "Inactive" or number of registration is a zero.

Known problem
- There is a problem when it scrolls after it clicks on the "All Mailbox Open" button.When it scrolls again, it is shown normally in that case.

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